On their way from raw material to finished components suitable for assembly, parts including pistons, cylinder blocks, housings, and valve spools go through a number of processes. Casting, precision machining, heat treatment, and surface finishing all require time, and when each stage is handled by a separate supplier, the prices and logistical issues increase considerably.

Working with a business partner who can give a one-stop-shop solution makes the procurement process less complicated. It shortens lead times while improving quality. It can even make new product development and prototyping easier and faster. One-stop metal manufacturer solutions in Malaysia are the top choice right now.


Working with a company that can provide a full manufacturing service, from design to casting to machining, finishing, and delivery has numerous advantages over dealing with a variety of suppliers who specialize in different processes. Some of these are the result of procurement and logistics being simplified. Others are the outcome of a one-stop-visibility shop throughout the manufacturing process.

Save Time And Money By Reducing Complexity

Legislation and competitive pressures in industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to hydraulic equipment and energy have resulted in ever-increasing product complexity. Inevitably, this cascades down to subsystems and individual components, each of which necessitates extra steps in the manufacturing process.

It’s a formula for long delays, huge costs, and poor quality to outsource each process to a different provider. Instead, work with a global manufacturing company that can give a one-stop-shop for everything from design to logistics. Impro is eager to collaborate with you.

Manufacturing Capabilities on a Large Scale

Impro can do investment casting as well as sand casting in a variety of materials. Tooling development is one of our specialties, and we understand the complexities of the connections between process capabilities and product design. Our experts can assist you to determine the best technique for your part and optimize the design to save money and increase quality.

Impro has made significant investments in its precision machining and casting capabilities. These are some of them:

  • Wax injection machines, robotic shell-making lines, air and vacuum melting and pouring
  • Lines for automatic green and resin sand casting
  • Machining centres with four and five axles
  • CNC cutting and turning equipment with great repeatability and accuracy
  • Grinding of the ID, OD, and centerless
  • Honing

Heat treatment is required for many precision items before or after machining. This could be done to relieve stress or change qualities like hardness and toughness. We have a variety of heat treatment procedures available, as well as cryogenic capabilities for specialty hardening and toughening.