One of the most fundamental courses that students take in their college curriculum is the foundations of physics courses. This course is designed to provide students with a hands-on and practical introduction to the basic concepts and laws of physics. The foundation’s course includes topics like classical mechanics, gravitation, charge and current, magnetism, electricity, and nuclear physics among others. The aim is to bridge the gap between theory and practice by getting students comfortable with real-world applications of these concepts. In Malaysia, this course is a compulsory one. The Malaysian Ministry of Education has been given the endorsement as an official foundation course. 

Foundation physics courses in Malaysia

As a result, the students are required to complete this course in order to proceed with their higher-level courses in science and mathematics. In order to do so, they have to pass 12 exams at the end of their study period. Many physics courses are available online nowadays which make it easier for students who want to prepare for these tests. However, there is no shortage of foundation physics courses in Malaysia as there are many schools offering these courses locally too. The foundation in physics course is one of the most popular subjects in Malaysia. There are many reasons as to why it is such an important subject – it is a good foundation for other subjects and it helps students prepare for the MCQ. Some of these reasons can be attributed to the nature of Malaysia’s education system. 

The Malaysian education system has a heavy focus on science, mathematics, and English. The government has put a strong emphasis on these three broad areas since its inception which have been useful in producing some of the best scientists, engineers, and teachers around the world. The Malaysian government stresses science as well as mathematics and English due to its belief that they are important ingredients needed by students who want to become successful in their careers later on down the line. Malaysia is currently experiencing a change in the educational structure. The Ministry of Education has announced a new foundation course which will be implemented in the near future. 

The move towards this new series is to help students grasp the basics of physics so that they can be able to understand and develop an understanding of other scientific fields that they are likely to come across while studying science or engineering at university or polytechnic level. The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education has been promoting physics-related courses for a number of years. This is in line with the UNESCO report which identified Malaysia as a country with high potential for building science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills. The foundation course is designed for students who are entering their first year of study at undergraduate level. It provides a gentle introduction to the subject and covers topics such as mechanics and thermodynamics before presenting more advanced topics like electricity and magnetism. A foundation course of physics could be a prerequisite for some other programs such as engineering or chemistry that require physics knowledge.

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