Jom Apply Time fibre home broadband Malaysia


Today, our home wi-fi configuration includes not only computers, but laptops, TV’s, mobile phones, and sometimes also your wifi speaker setup. The majority of people in a home would have at least two devices that require wi-fi. That easily adds up to nearly 5, or 6 Internet-connected devices at home. With the number of gadgets present, it is impossible to run everything seamlessly at less than the average Internet speed. A high-speed Internet connection ensures that the household can enjoy a smooth Internet experience even when many items are connected to it.

Online services

Jom Apply Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

Have you signed on to streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube Red, and also have a Chromecast at home? Expect your movies or TV series to run slowly if you don’t have high-speed Internet at home, and be prepared to rip your hair out of frustration as the film you buffered two hours ago keeps failing you at the best parts. Furthermore, with all of us now able to watch Full HD, even 4K quality videos, it’s critical that high-speed Internet be present at home for obvious reasons.


Many of us are guilty of putting off something good (such as superfast Internet) because we believe it will be prohibitively expensive. Luckily Jom Apply Time fibre home broadband Malaysia promises good wifi at affordable rates. 

Upload speeds

Sometimes we believe that Internet speed is only measured by its download speed, which determines how quickly our webpage loads. Almost all of the time, the wifi speed is higher. Consider connection speeds as well, which are the rates at which your computer sends data to the internet. With so many Internet features like file-sharing, video conferencing (Skype), and live-streaming, it’s critical that your upload speed is adequate. That’s so that your latest video can be uploaded on time, and you can talk to distant relatives without pesky interruptions. Another factor to consider is latency, which influences Internet speed. This phenomenon occurs as a result of delays caused by the network’s design and the amount of traffic it transports. The higher the latency, the more lag there is and the slower the Internet is. High-speed Internet can help you avoid this.


Jom Apply Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

Have you ever wondered why your home Internet becomes very laggy, then slow, before returning to normal speeds? Perhaps it’s time to go all-in on fibre.

Full fibre Internet can easily transmit data at high speeds. This makes it a dependable option for anything involving the Internet, such as watching dramas or competing in online tournaments. Keep this in mind and watch your attitude improve as your Internet experience improves.

No reason to continue suffering through slow speeds when trying to load a webpage or gritting your teeth in anger when your youtube video stops to buffer for the tenth time in seven minutes. Get wifi that can handle the weight of the usage in your household and just look on as all the tension disappears.