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Even though it’s awkward, don’t be scared to discuss sex with your children. You should start a conversation about sex with your teenager even if he or she is already aware of it. You should discuss how the media portrays sex in twisted and damaging ways with your adolescent son. “The debate” isn’t as simple as it once was, when the attention was only on mechanics; today, you must contend with attitudes.

To begin, assess your adolescent’s understanding of sex. He’ll most likely know more than you care to know, so be prepared to listen without passing judgement. For your child to feel comfortable discussing sex with you, you must be calm and collected. Allow him to take the lead. Then ask him about his impressions of sex in the media, as well as the attitudes he’s noticed and his reactions to them. This will be the starting point for your input to the discussion.

Among adolescent boys and even young adults, sexual conquest is widely seen as a status symbol. They’ve heard about it from their pals and seen it in the news. You must explain to him as a parent that this is not the situation and that he may be cool and yet be a virgin. Let him know that it’s typical for many teenagers to be hesitant about having sex. Explain to your son what “ready” means, because many teens nowadays have sex before they are ready.

Sexism and objectification of women are unfortunately ubiquitous in today’s culture, and young people are exposed to them through the media. Take into account how you want your child to handle his girlfriends and partners. Make it clear to him that women are not trophies, and that he must respect all women, especially those with whom he is currently involved. It is not acceptable to put pressure on a woman for sex or to see her as an object to be utilised for his pleasure. Teach him that if his partner is hesitant about any aspect of their physical connection, he must back off. Now is the moment to ensure that your son understands what rape entails. Make it very obvious to him that no is never an option.

Accept the fact that your son will most likely have sex before you think he’s ready or wants it. As a consequence, you must make certain he is ready. Make it plain to him that he must use a condom at all times. Inform him about the many types of contraception that are available, as well as their success rates. Finally, make sure he knows sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses, including how he may get them, what they look like, and when he should be tested. If he isn’t ready for sex, he isn’t ready for sex.

Sex should only be experienced in a committed, loving relationship. This is the most important thing for your adolescent son to understand, but the conversation must continue. He must comprehend that you want him to respect his partners and that sexual activity is not a status symbol. He is not a loser if he hasn’t had sex yet or wishes to wait. If he doesn’t want to wait till he’s an adult, he has to know how to be safe and why precautions are required. Since this is one of the most important conversations you’ll have with your adolescent child, be open and honest.
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