The use of technologies to complete a task with as minimal human intervention as feasible is known as automation. Automation in computers is generally performed by the use of a programme, a script, or stream processing. Xyreon has the best digital signage player malaysia.

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First and foremost, a website operator, for example, may create a script to scan website traffic records and provide a report. This method may take hours or days if done manually by a human. A computer, on the other hand, can do these operations in a matter of seconds and can be configured to repeat them multiple times throughout the day.

When Is It Appropriate To Automate?

Even if it’s a basic job that just takes a few seconds, every task that is repeated more than once should be automated. If a task takes five seconds to complete but must be done ten times per day, automation can save you almost four hours per year if the completion time is cut in half.

Is It Possible To Automate?

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The solution to this question is contingent on the task you’d like to automate. From the most basic to the most complicated, below is a list of several approaches and tools for automation and activity.

Shortcuts On The Keyboard

In the sense that they allow you to execute an operating system or programme job, computer keyboard keys are a type of automation. 

Services Available Over The Internet

IFTTT (if this, then that) is an internet tool that helps automate online tasks. You might, for example, automate the process of automatically publishing each photo you take on Instagram to a Facebook album.

To Automate Online, Use The If This, Then That Online Service.


A macro is a tiny piece of code in a programme that executes a series of commands. Although some systems enable you to record your activities in order to generate a macro, the majority of them need you to be familiar with some code or instructions.

In Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, learn how to make a macro.


AutoHotkey is a terrific free Microsoft Windows software that allows you to automate practically any Windows task. You may use this application to automate any computer task that requires the usage of a keyboard or mouse. The program’s scripts require AutoHotkey to be installed on the computer, although it also permits the creation of self-running scripts.

With Autohotkey, You Can Automate Your Tasks.

Automation Of Command Lines

There are several choices accessible to users when doing activities via the command line. Users who utilize the Microsoft Windows command prompt or MS-DOS batch files can construct batch files to conduct a sequence of tasks automatically. Linux users can get any of the programming languages listed below to schedule jobs, as well as cron.

Developing a Plan

Developing a software application to automate a process takes longer than any of the other choices. Improved speed, on the other hand, may be the sole choice for more difficult operations. To make a programme, you’ll need to learn how to programme and use a compiler to build it for the platform it’ll run on.