All of your customers are now online. Today we can no longer greet our customers at the reception desk or go to them as they are browsing through our selection of roofing products such as roof drain pipe. We are no longer giving advice in real life and resorted to the online medium. The only problem is, like many niche businesses like roofing, we have been slow with our switch to the digital age. The online equivalent of meeting our customers by the front door is by bringing them to our website. The content that is on the website is the good old “hello” from the salesman/woman. Depending on who is saying hello or how they are saying it, sometimes it can get a little annoying. 

Similarly, on a website, there is no way people are convinced to buy something as soon as they come on to the landing page. It takes them several days of coming back to your website and analyzing it to actually make a decision. Annoyingly enough, the challenging part is making sure your website is memorable and good enough for your customers to come back. How can you improve your website such that your customers are frequent visitors who are also profitable to your roofing business

First of all, the most important thing you should do is change the entire look of the website. If it is not appealing, it is not going to be doing much for your business. We care about how the server and salesmen/women look when greeting. So we should also care about the layout of the content that is used to attract us. If the content is good but is presented like an eyesore, you are not only hurting your business but also ruining the loyalty you have with already established customers. Customers gauge the service you provide based on the customer experience and part of the customer experience is definitely the website look. 

Investment in web design may have been an obvious answer to improving your website but let’s talk about something more specific and something that is the key to increasing the traffic to your site. Yes, we are talking about search engine optimization. Without SEO, there will be no customers coming to your website. There are so many different types of SEO practices, including on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. building high-quality content is a huge part of your SEO and what’s even mor important is to implement proper keyword research in the content. These keywords must be used frequently. Considering you are in the roofing business, you should consider the words average people would use to search for your business. You can also use more advanced tools to get better keywords that deliver quantifiable results. 

Another point of improvement is making sure your website is fully responsive to mobile and also other digital devices. More than ninety percent of the people do their shopping and browsing online but using the mobile. No one goes up to the laptop just to shop or to even browse for service. We own so many devices and it is important the website is fully optimized and responsive for all different devices!