Pemasangan bumbung besi, installation of metal roof as we call it in Malaysia is actually quite effective when it comes to roofing compared to the other brick or concrete type of roofing material which can break or tear down easily.  We all know that pemasangan bumbung besi does indeed have a lot of benefits, but the main thing about such a metal roof is the quality that it provides to us. 

For example the quality of living. It is not a surprise that people resort to concrete and brick roofing tiles to cover up their building or housing structure, but the one thing that many of them fail to notice is the cons of using those types of material on their roof. Even though we all used to have those kinds of concrete or brick types of roof tiles while we were growing up, there are also some big plus points like it pros when it comes to pemasangan bumbung besi. 

Here are some points that I opt to clarify about the use of pemasangan bumbung besi.

Pemasangan Bumbung Besi

Expensive Due To The Material

I beg to differ, metal roofing is not expensive in nature, yet oppositely it is pretty much in an affordable price range in the market. The confusion that happens here might be a result of the pemasangan bumbung besi. 

Well, it is true that we can opt to go and buy our custom made items like roof tiles, yet the need of a contractor or technician in installing it is needed, therefore, it might be safe to say that freelance technician or contractor who expertise in the field of roofing might charge you a lot. But not the material. Metal roofs are known to be inexpensive and affordable nowadays.

Able To Rust

There’s some truth to the statement that metal roofing can rust due to corrosion, but the one thing that I want to clarify is that not all metal roofs are able to rust. The truth about the metal work proof in making these roofs is that they are items or ingredients that would be applied on the surface of the metal roof in order to prevent rusting. With proper care, these metal roofs are able to last longer than you could imagine.

Not Suitable For Malaysian Weather

Duh… metal roofs are one that every Malaysian should have installed right now. The pemasangan bumbung besi needs to be in the top of every Malaysian, why? Here’s why:

  1. The Weather

Malaysia’s weather is enough to bring a lot more loss than you can expect. The weather is so uncertain that you just can’t predict when it is going to pour until it’s going to cause floods or when it’s going to be storm season where trees are going to collapse on your roof, or your roof will be blown away due to the strong wind.

  1. Why Have Metal Roof

Easy! The pemasangan bumbung besi is able to ensure that your roof is not going to be blown away at any time soon. With that said, it is arguably understandable that a metal roof is able to withstand any type of weather or climate change.

Pemasangan Bumbung Besi