The ocean is a big part of our life. It literally covers the majority of the world and is home to millions and trillions of organisms. The depths of the ocean are yet to be uncovered and explored. Humans are far from exploring all of the dreaminess of the ocean. We might not know what is going on under there and we may not be living there, but it is our job to protect it. Human life is heavily associated with marine life and the ocean. To protect ourselves, we must protect the organism that belongs to the ocean and its beauty. 

Many of us have been living under the impression that our actions have zero to no impact on the ocean. But the reality is even the little mindless things we do have devastating threats to the ocean. So bearing in mind that our actions count, let’s take a look at why we need to protect the ocean? 

Ocean Produces The Air We Breath

Oxygen comes from various sources but the biggest one of them is our beloved ocean.  For a long time we believed that large rainforests were where we got most of our oxygen from, but when in reality it was the ocean.  Ocean has a very interesting way of producing oxygen for us with no help from a tree. The phytoplankton in the ocean, which is a microscopic plant does the job for us and it absorbs about 50 percent of carbon dioxide from atmosphere and creates about 70 percent of the world’s oxygen. 

Ocean Is Responsible For Many Livelihoods

Ocean has created endless jobs for people. Tourism, fishermen,  transportation, shipping and the list goes on. An interruption on the ocean has major consequences for the world’s large suppliers, manufacturers and shipping companies. Ocean also pays it’s due by giving a livelihood to billions of fishermen and the tourism industry. People travel to countries like the Philippines and Maldives for the beautiful marine life and ocean they have. Many holiday and vacation rentals are surrounded by the ocean for the sake of improving their business. As it is their main attraction.  Ocean also is a home to many divers around the world and many pay their dues by obtaining diving license malaysia. It is also the home to various surfing instructors, marine life researchers, biochemists and so on! 

Food Comes From The Ocean 

Salaries and paychecks are not the only things the ocean made possible. Ocean also provides us food and delicious cuisines. Most of the richest sources of protein such as salmon, tuna, and abalone come from the ocean.

Sometimes people also consume the greenery of the ocean such as algae, sea plants, seaweed. Seafood is an important part of many different countries, especially those whose livelihoods depend on fishing and tourism. Seafood and fish are vital for survival so it is important to protect the ocean from our harmful acts.

Whatever junk and trash we dump into the ocean, inevitably comes back to us in the form of food and others, so it is important to be mindful!