The sexual excitement generated by using a vibrator exceeds even the pleasure derived from watching pornography.  This pleasure is usually beyond a woman’s ability to control herself and it is difficult for a girl to control her preferred emotions in front of a vibrator. For single women or women who are unable to have normal sex due to long-distance relationships, this is a must-have weapon for the home, several recommendations and info on vibrator sex toys in Malaysia here will be discussed. 

1. Look At The Shape 

Today, the appearance of most toys has been upgraded. Products are no longer as scintillating as they once were from a female perspective, but cute and cuddly. It is important to check that the workmanship is good and that there are no burrs or impurities, which should not be overlooked. Some penetrators need to be optimistic about their size, some girls have tight vaginas so don’t go for larger toys. If the size varies they will inevitably have to be discreet and not presumptuous. Toys that don’t fit the body type can damage the vagina.

2. The Smell Of Sex Toys 

When choosing a toy, the choice of materials and workmanship of the brand must meet the standards. Good materials such as medical silicone have little to no smell, while bad materials will smell distinctly like industrial glue. If you can’t tell the difference, choose a major brand of toy. A good choice of raw materials gives you a guarantee of quality. If you already have a toy of uncertain material, it is advisable to wear a condom when using it as this is the safest and most hygienic method.

3. Listen To The Sound

It is necessary to choose a toy that is super quiet! The roar of the motor in the dead of night not only affects girls’ sexual fantasies and lack of concentration but also makes them fear discovery and embarrassment, making them even more afraid to use it. Generally, loud toys can get hot after prolonged use, which may affect future use. Usually, the better the quality of the toy, the more the sound will be kept to a minimum.

4. It Is Important To Know Your Sexual Preferences

Different toys have different methods of stimulation. It’s important to know your own stimulation preferences. Do you prefer to rub your peas with a vibrating egg, or do you like to drill deeper with a vibrator? Vibrators that primarily stimulate the clitoris are usually small, have a cute shape and are the preferred choice of most entry-level female players. The vibrators come in different shapes, including mushroom-shaped segmented rods and straight and bendable rods. The body shape is sticky and has a split type which takes into account the stimulation of the clitoris and vagina and can cater for a variety of sexual stimulation for girls. 

5. Materials

Girls with skin allergies should take extra care when buying sex toys. There are many different materials to choose from. Glass materials and medical hard plastics are harder and silicone materials are relatively soft. Stimulating different materials can give a woman a different experience.