Pre-insulated, highly flexible piping system that combines the flow and return medium pipes in the same jacket pipe, especially for the transportation of heating water or other heat-transfer media in underground distribution networks.

The medium pipes are composed of cross-linked PE-Xa and have an orange oxygen diffusion barrier for the flow line and a blue oxygen diffusion barrier for the return. Even with mounted shrink end caps, the colour coding allows for easy flow and return identification during installation.

The multi-layer thermal insulation is made of cross-linked, microcellular PE-X foam with a water-repellent closed cell structure, which is known for its long-lasting, non-aging insulation performance as well as its permanent elasticity, which allows the insulation layer thickness to be maximised even after multiple bends. The high-grade, UV-resistant, double-walled, corrugated HDPE sleeve protects the pre-insulated pipe system from mechanical impacts and moisture while retaining optimum flexibility.

RWDP stands for rainwater down pipe, and it’s most typically used in buildings and residences to route any remaining rainfall or snow melting directly out of roof gutter systems, preventing blocked gutters. This RWDP pipes Malaysia is the most commonly used drainage system due to its low maintenance, which is derived from the materials utilised, such as iron casting for the outer layer and Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride for the inner layer (U-PVC). Furthermore, because of the low maintenance required to maintain this pipe system, the use of this material for RWDP pipes Malaysia makes it simple to install.

RWDP Pipes Malaysia 

The RWDP pipes Malaysia are considered lightweight due to the material that makes up the pipe, making it an ideal drainage system to add to your infrastructure. However, it is necessary to consider the construction of your building or residence in order to guarantee that the pipe fits well. If you’re planning to install this pipe in your home or building, here are some pointers to keep in mind.


Because of the length of the pipe and the breadth of your home, the size of RWDP pipe Malaysia is important. Check the length, width, and even height of your house to ensure proper fit, as the pressure of bearing the RWDP pipes pressure is dependent on the size of your house or building. This is why it is critical to assess the length and height of your structures in order to establish their ability to support the RWDP weight capacity.


If you’re going to buy a RWDP pipe in Malaysia, make sure to ask your provider about the piping system’s durability before you buy it. This is one way to decide whether the price you spend for this pipe is worth every cent. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier with experience in the rainwater down pipe system, my recommendation is to look into UNITRADE.

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