Everybody has fantasized about living by themselves at least once. Living by yourself seems really fun and scary at the same time, it is like you are finally becoming a real adult. Paying your own rent, buying your own groceries, and cleaning your own house. All of these seem like a very adult thing for you to do. 


Well, whether you are living in an apartment, terrace or bungalow there are indeed some perks of living alone. Maybe if you are considering having a roommate you should read this article and see what perks or benefits you will be missing out on. 


There is no doubt that living alone meaning that you will have all of the privacy you need and want. Having some me-time is really important especially when you have spent the whole day socializing and working with other people, at the end of the day all you want is just to come home and relax all by yourself with a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea. 

No rules

You are living by yourself with no one to tell you what to do and what not to do. You can finally do all of the things that your parents tell you not to do like don’t jump in your bed or don’t put your feet on the table. Get wild and do whatever you want. This is finally the chance for you to do that. 

Get creative 

Maybe you have a lot of ideas on how to decorate your house but never really have the chance because you are living with your family. Now that you have the whole space by yourself, you can decorate it however you. Do you want to put flowers? Do you want to paint the whole room pink? Do it nobody is stopping you. Let your creativity flow and decorate your living space according to your own wants and character. 


You might wonder how is living alone more affordable than having a roommate? Well, when you are living alone you can look or rent a small apartment or maybe a studio apartment. You will have all of the space for yourself and keep your privacy. If you have a roommate you will need to rent or look for an apartment with 2 bedrooms for both of you and that will be pricier compared to renting a studio apartment. Maybe you can look for a cheaper and affordable studio apartment at Klang to live all by yourself. 

Do it whenever you want 

Nobody is going to yell at you for living the dirty dishes on the sink or not making your bed. That is probably the fun part of living alone, nobody is going to be mad at you for making a mess. I mean after spending a whole day working, folding up clothes isn’t exactly what you want to do. So, when you are living alone you can clean your house whenever you want and nobody will be mad at you for being a little lazy. 

It is indeed fun to live by yourself, but you also need to consider all other different aspects before making a decision.