For sure many people in one time of their lives thinks that they know how sex works. Well, great! Some even says that they know the real definition of sex, where most of their wild imagination is the one will be covering half of the story except the truth. In today’s topic, we are going to dig deep onto the facts about sex that some of you might not know. In other words, I might have had no clue whatsoever!

“Sex Is Not Painful”

#to people who says that “sex is not painful ”at all since they don’t know that there are people who suffers with uncomfortable sexual experience in their life. For someone who is new to sex, yes, sex can be painful, but overtime the pain wouldn’t be there anymore, since you have experience it before. But there are also possibility that sex can be painful to many people, especially women, therefore, it is always important to talk to your partner if it gets painful or try to relax yourself with the help of adult sex toys like vibrators or dildo sex toys from Secret Cherry.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Being Funny

Being funny while having sex is one of the sexiest personality that attributes to a better sex life between you and your partner. The relationship will get stronger with the help of each other’s humor. Secondly, do not be afraid of making mistakes or worried about your body producing weird noises during love making, as this is all considered to be normal. Everyone’s body is different and not everyone would have the same experience like you would have. Therefore, stop judging yourself and try enjoying your relationship in bed by laughing and being funny as this would develop your confidence and self-esteem.

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About 90 Percent Of Women Experience Chronic Vaginal Pain

It is proven that about the vast majority of women’s go through a severe vaginal pain during or after intercourse. Therefore, it is not something to be ashamed of, as it is normal that people feel pain at some point of their sex life. With that said, if the pain is too much, try referring yourself to a doctor in order to know the cause behind this pain. Do not let other people’s advice get into your head by saying “it is all the tricks of my mind”. 

If the situation is serious and help is needed, do not hesitate to get one. There are many ways in helping to aid or help you to get prepared for sex, some of them are through using dildo sex toys from Secret Cherry or vibrator to calm you down or else, try foreplay before jumping into a penetrative sex.

Recipe To Great Sex: Men’s Edition

The answer is lube. Getting a suitable lube will allow a smooth sex, in order word you will not dry out easily. Therefore, another tips for men who uses condom is to apply lube before inserting their condoms, because, the experience it will give during sex is definitely unimaginable.

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